Direct Intervention

  1. To provide education, medicines and medical relief, clothing, water, light and shelter for the poor and or needy person and to give help to them either  in cash or in kind or otherwise.
  2. To organize training and employment generation program for women, youth and weaker section and needy persons of the society.
  3. To establish and maintain homes, orphanages, and other establishments for relief of and to give help to the physically handicapped and destitute, orphans and widows and otherwise.
  4. To work as training agency for personnel from corporate, government, voluntary sector and peoples’ representative of Panchayati Raj Institutions.
  5. To provide consultancy and counseling services in the fields of training, research and development, projects and to provide others a platform to experiment.
  6. To establish liaison and networking for partnership building with community groups, corporate, government, NGOs National and International, Public Institutional  and media with a view to protect sustain and develop people and their future.
  7. To establish, maintain and run institution for senior citizens, their care, treatment, day home etc. and to grant assistance in cash or kind for the purpose.
  8. To work as Resource center.
  9. Project Formulation, appraisal, assessment and evolution.

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