Academic Programme

The objective for which the Trust has been established is to set up management and educational Institution as well as Resource Centre in the field of Social Development. To provide education and to promote research, training and action with special attention upon unprivileged group including women, child, aged and disabled in tribal, rural and urban areas and to undertake any other object of socio economic spiritual upliftment of the people and furthering of any other objectives of general public utility not involving or carrying on any activity for profit and for such purposes.

  1. To organize educational and professional courses.
  2. To undertake educational activities and for the purchase, construct, run and maintain schools, colleges and educational centers, hostels, canteen and playground for the benefit of the students etc.
  3. To grant scholarships, stipends, free studentship, prizes, rewards, and allowances, financial and other assistance to  the  deserving students, lecturers, professors, teachers for the purpose of expanding the objectives of the Trust.
  4. To establish library and book banks for the benefit of the students and to publish and distribute literature commemorating the  memories of late social acitivists, social workers and social scientists etc.
  5. To organize seminars, workshop, symposium, conferences, study groups, educational tours and debates, lectures and social action on social issues and problems for the expansion of the  knowledge and betterment of the students and society also.
  6. To collect and receive donation, contributions, loans, subsidies, assistance, subscription, bequest, grant in aid, assistance in cash or in kind from all persons and institutions, national and  international interested in the objective of the  Trust.
  7. To carry and  run institution having objectives similar to the  Trust not  involving carrying on an activity for profit.
  8. To establish seats, grants, medals or shields in the name of the Trust, eminent social engineers/activists in any Universities or Institutions or  Associations.
  9.  To undertake monitoring and evaluation studies.
  10. To  conduct issues based research for  the development of humanity and betterment of their future.
  11. To Provide consultancy and counseling services.
  12. To initiate innovative research and development program for human development.
  13. To act as a clearinghouse for dissemination of knowledge and information on social development, social problems, sustainable development and other issues related to the human life.
  14. To prepare print, audio-visuals and other resources material for training, education and research activities and for dissemination of knowledge and information.
  15. Policy research and influencing policies.
  16. To do all acts and activities which are conducive and incidental for carrying out objects as referred to hereinabove.
  17. To organize program for the conservation and protection of environment and to reduce the global warming.
  18. To work for Social Cohesion.


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